The FreQ mobile application is a tool for

working musicians.

It will ease the pain associated with frustrating

and unproductive sound checks, recording

sessions and rehearsals by opening a line

of communication to audio engineers,

sound technicians and producers.


FreQ is the common denominator in the struggle

to equate the

universal language of music with science of sound.


It emulates the two instruments most often found

in a musical

environment, the piano and the guitar.

By offering all 88 notes

of the full piano keyboard and the

corresponding 88 notes of a guitar,

a musician can identify the problem; choose

Piano or Guitar as

the reference; then click on the associated note,

to reveal the FreQuency of that matching note.


FreQ will also playback the selected reference note.


Now, the musician can clearly tell the engineer or

producer the FeQuency

of the problem area he has identified using a

musical reference point.

Have you or your friends ever used a color
(it’s too BROWN …OR…
a meteorological term (too cloudy or MUDDY)
to describe an audio
problem …. Maybe you’re more articulate than
most and use more
descriptive language like HARSH “Can you take
out of the guitar …. or the Jazz standard
“It sounds miked”
….  you know you have!
So Let’s stop the madness NOW!
PLEASE send your friends and neighbors to

and purchase your copy of this useful MUSICAL TOOL

Ease of use
No language barrier
Ability to hear the selected note playback
Convert any musical note to a frequency

As an example:

(The PIANO note A located in the 4th Octave = the GUITAR

note A located on the 1st string 5th fret )  Both of these musical notes     “A”       

resonate at a common frequency  “440Hz .”